dragonemelone - design studio


creative direction & design

i'm andrea barbara romita, a freelancer

digital creative director designer artist art curator communicator

based in bologna, italy

As a creative director and designer, I engage in daily collaborations with agencies, studios, and individuals both in Italy and internationally, crafting innovative digital communication projects. My expertise extends to web2/web3 development, where I specialize in creating highly performant digital products, with a meticulous focus on UX/UI design and copywriting.

In addition to my role in the digital realm, I am also a digital artist, actively presenting and publishing my works. My art has been featured in exhibitions across Rome, Milan, Pescara, Bologna, and Berlin. I contribute, produce, and write for collective artistic editorial endeavors. Currently, I am immersed in the creation of a solo book, and I will provide regular updates on its progress.

As the co-founder and creative force behind CryptoGirl, the pioneering Italian community for women in the web3 space, I share daily insights on NFTs, online communities, digital femminism and sustainability. I take charge of organizing and curating art-themed events, exhibitions, panels, and international open calls, both in virtual and physical spaces.